Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good Kings

A growing population is a king's glory; a dwindling nation is his doom. Proverbs 14:28

Most of us have never been governed by a monarchy such as the Proverb suggests. In most instances, even today, wherever there is a king or queen, he or she is usually a figurehead with no real power to govern.

But all of us depend upon leadership. Where there is no leadership the outlook is not good. Expect morale to decline, growth to desist, and doom to depress, says the wise sage.

It is interesting that he does not mention an atmosphere boiling with chaos and violence. No, with the authority befitting a king, he matter-of-factly stated a simple digression. He never qualified his statement by saying, "This is what could or might happen if there is no leadership." Rather, he declares the final end is inevitable: morale will decline, growth will desist, and doom will depress.

It's plain to see what Solomon had in mind; the glory he spoke of was not an obese ego or a hoarding of personal clout. No, Israel's king knew that godly leadership is always about influencing an arena much larger than self.

Starting now, we need good kings. Not despots, autocrats, or dictators, but good kings. According to God's Word, good kings (leaders) are a blessing to organized communities. They bring with them the capacity to raise the glory to God and the growth of His purposes.

As you read this post, you may be asking yourself if you are a "good king" in your domain. Perhaps we can boil it all down to an "I Will Be A Good King" mission statement:

I have a glory God bestowed upon me, and in whatever capacity God calls me to lea, I will seek to build the morale of others around me. For those who legitimately need me, I will avoid demoralizing them by not stepping up or by overstepping the boundaries of authority God has given me.

Wherever I am called upon to lead, I will strive to cultivate a spiritual environment that encourages personal and community growth.

I will live with the expectation that by drawing on the life of Christ in me, the domain of my influence for God's glory and His kingdom's growth will always be expanding.

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