Sunday, June 24, 2007


Here is an update on Landon Meece. I know we are all grateful that Landon's mom and dad got some much needed rest. Most of you have been there -- it's a tough place.

Did you notice that Landon and mom and dad's needs are directly opposite one another? Landon needs to awaken, and her parents need to sleep.

God's relationship is as personal as our needs.


Dear Family and Friends,

We had a good night last night....I got almost 8 hours of sleep! Ed, Edison, and I went on a prayer walk this morning - it was short, but sweet. Grandparents are away sleeping; it is a nice quiet day.

One of the big concerns today is Landon's lungs - they seem to be getting "junk" in them that need to be suctioned out quite often. They say it would help a lot if she could start coughing to move this stuff around, and make it easier to suction. So pray for her to start coughing! Sounds like a weird prayer request - I've never wanted my children to have a cough, but now we need her to.

As always keep praying for her brain and that she will wake soon. Thanks,


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