Sunday, June 17, 2007

Christ Community

This morning Sandy and I attended church at Christ Community Church. I am good friends with the pastor, who is also the founder of the decade-old church. Once again, we heard exceptional preaching and sensed God's presence through all the elements that made up the corporate worship.

The message God gave Keith revolved around living in the larger story -- HIStory. For Sandy and me the message was timely, and we knew that we had gathered with an authentic people of God. Both of us felt very much at home in the modest sanctuary that was once a car dealership.

With the exception of attending First Baptist in Opelika we have been attending start-up churches. Each experience has been like a refresher course in home missions. Soon, we will be in Montana starting the first of what we hope will be many church plants. These types of settings find us soaking up the atmosphere like sponges.

Sandy is still not well, but we may have made a connection today to get her into one of the best specialists in the area. Right now she is in taking a nap. I am going to a house church tonight, and my bride will go with me if she has enough energy.

If all goes well we will be in Maine sometime after the 25th of June. Justin and Erika are going to meet us there. We are looking forward to gathering with our entire family.

I hope all our dads are having a wonderful Father's Day. I am going to call my dad in just a few minutes.

Enjoying the Adventure,

Bill and Sandy

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