Thursday, September 28, 2006

Can't Catch Up

It was July when I entered my last post. My lack of posting is not due to a lack of things to write about. It has been the most intense time in ministry since 1990. I don't know where to begin. I guess I will look through the windshield, rather than the rear view mirror -- the view is broader.

This Saturday we will have our third "Call of the Wild." For the first time we have intentionally stepped across denominational lines and broken through racial barriers. We have about 360 men registered to attend. In short, the event is a time when men get together to do stuff that men love: rappelling, skeet and sporting clays, rainbow trout fishing, driving golf balls, touch football (the touches turn into shoves), archery, and a giant big screen T.V. to watch S.E.C. football.

There will also be three teaching and break-out sessions. The topics are: Igniting Men Spiritually; Connecting Men Relationally; and Battling Strategically (I will be speaking on Battling). Each speaker talks for about 15 minutes and each topic exposes a lie that men have bought into. For instance, the lie I expose is: "There is no need for a spiritual strategy -- Just do it!" The men go into breakouts after each session for 20 minutes. At their tables they will meet their facilitators (we call them Medics) and find five discussion questions about the topic. When they are done, each speaker will get the guys back together for a wrap up.

On Monday night I will be meeting with four Chinese students. They are enrolled for 18 months in one of our universities. Back in their homeland they recently trusted Christ. Now they want to know more about following the Lord in believer's baptism. I cannot find the words to express how meaningful this opportunity is. I believe in my deepest heart, that although I cannot go to China, God has brought the Chinese to me. That is not arrogance -- it is gratitude and a direct answer to prayer.

A good friend of mine will be speaking at our church on Sunday and Wednesday. David Roberts will be presenting the enormous spiritual needs in Montana. Nine out of ten people, in that State of breathtaking beauty, have never had any affiliation with any church of any kind. Staggering -- isn't it.

I can't catch you up on everything, but it has been good to write again. I hope you are "Enjoying the Adventure!"