Sunday, January 15, 2006


This morning both worship services and Sunday schools were well attended. In the early service, a grandmother and grandfather brought their granddaughter forward during the invitation. The young girl had received Christ as her Savior at AWANA. She wanted to make her profession public, and follow the Lord in baptism.

This afternoon my bride and I went for a bike ride. We rode for just over an hour on country roads. We pedaled by an impressive horse ranch whose board fences seemed to go on for a couple of miles. Inside their perimeter were some horses wearing clothes -- and some that weren't. We figured the more expensive horses were wearing the coats. The afternoon was beautiful, and the exercise was a great way to decompress.

After the ride I settled down for my usual preparation for next Sunday's message, made a bunch of follow-up phone calls, checked on my mother and father in Maine, and responded to some e-mails. Sandy is editing some poetry, Josh is at work, and Miss Meagan is with one of her many friends. Another day of the adventure comes to a close.

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