Saturday, January 7, 2006

Shattering Glass

When we arrived at the cabin, the river in front of it was still open. The water was at least 10 feet higher than summer levels. It flowed by us looking cold, turbulent, and deadly. Watching it go by at a high rate of speed, it seemed impossible that it could freeze over, but it did. The freezing was a fabulous event. As the temperature dropped, sheets of ice would come down through the churning water and begin to build up as it melded with the ice that formed along the shore. As the rafts of ice collided, they sounded like glass shattering.

All night long we could tell when islands of ice were arriving; the sound penetrated the cabin walls and reached our ears. Throughout the night we would go outside in the sub-freezing weather to enjoy nature's entertainment. We got a show money can't buy. Slowly the river gave in to the frigid temperatures, and when the rising sun revealed the river there was only a v-shaped slit of open water between us and the opposite shore.

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