Sunday, January 22, 2006

Praying With Woody

Like every Sunday morning I preached twice. I concluded chapter one of Romans. As I said in an earlier post, it's a tough chapter. The chapter opens with foundational teaching on the gospel and then moves on to the wrath of God against sin. The late Donald Grey Barnhouse and I agree, it is a chapter that we would just soon skip over. The commitment to preach the whole counsel of God's Word will not let me. To be honest though, plowing through that section leaves me pretty tired by morning's end.

I had some lunch with my wife, daughter, and friends and then went to visit one of our families who had just lost a brother, son, and husband yesterday. The visit was brief, the founding pastor and wife of the church I now serve showed up. Brother Jimmy is going to be doing the funeral. I left the family in good hands.

As I headed back home my cell phone rang; a call from my wife. A young couple who attends our church off and on had called the house looking for me. They needed me to come to the ICU, the wife's uncle was dying. I arrived at the family room and the family rushed to up to me. In rapid fire succession a lot of different opinions regarding Woody's spiritual condition were directed to me. They wanted me to pray with him.

The man I would pray for had lived a life style that did little to nurture a long and healthy one. His illness was directly connected to years of destructive choices. The doctors were working on him, and I had to wait until they were finished. They made it clear that my visit was to be brief. I stood by his bed with several family members and prayed with Woody. I led into the prayer by reminding Woody that he could make my prayer his prayer.

As I prayed, I called out to God on behalf of a man that needed God to touch his physical body. My prayer reminded Woody that we all need God to heal us from our sickness of sin. I told him how to call on God, and the provision for our sin that was made possible through Jesus Christ. Woody groaned through several phrases of the prayer. I do not know what transacted between him and his Savior.

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