Saturday, January 14, 2006

Headed For The Hill's

I got an invitation from Bob Hill to go hunting and fishing in Alabama. The Hill's have a cabin and lake that sit amid 80 acres. The weather didn't cooperate, so the hunting and fishing weren't what we are used to. I only saw 3 deer and I have yet to figure out how to catch fish in the Southeast. The two Jims and Bob caught a few fish, but nobody got deer.

I fished for a couple of hours, hunted in the morning and evening, and used the remaining time to do some reading and follow up on pastoral duties. The phone coverage kept fading in and out, so I got to do a lot of walking around trying to find reception. I got a little uptight trying to get in contact with one of our men hospitalized in Hawaii with a possible heart attack. He is doing fine; it was a false alarm.

Last night, the wind was blowing 15-20 miles an hour, but the sunset was beautiful. The sky rolled out a palate of yellow, orange, pink, and purple. As I sat in my tree stand watching for a deer, a big hawk perched in a tree looking for a meal. Both of us came up empty. This morning, a little buck came out to the food plot and half-circled around and behind me. For 30 minutes I watched the little guy meander around, stopping from time to time to grab a bite to eat. Next year he will have 4-6 points.

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