Thursday, January 19, 2006

From Sunrise To Sunset

The sun rose and today's Adventure began with an early morning Men's Bible study -- 6:30. The study revolved around Matthew 18. We had the privilege to live it -- not just study it in a sterile environment -- a brother who sinned against us was seeking and found reconciliation.

By midday I had answered what seemed like a hundred phone calls and e-mails. I won't go into detail, but I am sometimes amazed at the broad range of situations I respond to in a given day. That's not a whine -- it is a testament to God's grace.

I passed on lunch and chose to ride my bike. The route I took reminded me of my day. At times the road was a little bumpy -- sometimes it was smooth. At time the road twisted and turned --sometimes it was straight ahead.

Just before sunset I went to visitation hours for an 85 year old saint. The dear woman her loved ones knew had long departed -- now her earthly dwelling will leave, also. The family recognized a mercy of God; the atmosphere was one of joy.

Sandy reached me on my cell phone and asked me to meet her and Meagan at the Olive Garden. The women in my life filled me in on the Adventures their day held -- all is well. I spent the rest of my evening doing the things I love -- some reading and some writing.

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