Saturday, January 28, 2006

Advancing The Kingdom: A Man's Challenge

Men need a challenge. I mean a challenge. Not another event or duty that does nothing to call them up-and-out into the purposes and things they love and were created for. There is a pattern in Scripture. The pattern goes like this:

God calls a man -- Men received a direct call of God, or a call to follow God, by one who already was. Think of some of the men God called: Abraham, Isaiah, Gideon, John the Baptist, Peter, Paul, John. Think of some the other men who were called by another man who was already following God: Moses called Joshua, Elijah called Elisha, and Samuel called David. There are others.

God gives that man His message -- Think of the message. It was God's message, but they were captured by it. When they proclaimed it, it took others captive too.

God’s man with God’s message creates a movement -- Those men were movers and shakers in their world. Lone footprints were soon trailed by hundreds of others.

God’s man—with God’s message—creates a movement—that leaves a monument -- A testimony to God’s presence. The outcome of their risk outlived them; they left something behind.

We are on the threshold of a movement of God. God is calling men out and into His purposes. What started as “chance” meetings, then a prayer meeting around a fire pit in Juniper, Georgia, led to a gathering of ten men to plan Call of the Wild. Looking into the future, God is advancing His kingdom in an exciting way.

In “06” we are going to join Life Impact Ministry to present COTW to the area churches. We are making a concerted effort to invite other men into the adventure.

We are also following God’s lead to partner with Life Impact Ministry in planning a spring and fall COTW for “07”. Our goal is to max out each event with 350 men.

Beyond all that, we are shaping a dream to develop a boot camp. We want to train men to go back into their churches and fight for the hearts of other men. This boot camp will develop new leaders and allow leaders already in place to go a little deeper and dangerously in their Adventure with God. We hope to find 25 to 50 men out of COTW to meet 4 times a year for extended training. God is providing everything we need, as only He can. I can't give you all the details now, but when I can, I believe you will be dumbstruck by God's activity!

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