Thursday, December 8, 2005

Research As The Rain Falls

I am sitting at the kitchen table pecking away at my laptop. I have been doing some research on WWII submarines. I can hear the rain falling off the eaves of outside creating a syncopated beat as they hit the concrete patio. In between google searches I have been answering e-mails from a friend in Maine; he is running a gospel ad in the Bangor Daily News and a couple of local rags. The creator of the ad is a very successful businessman who is absolutely fearless when it comes to sharing his faith. It hasn't seemed to hurt business much; he is incredibly $ucce$$ful. Our friendship began when I invited him to the church I served in Maine. A couple of years later he responded to God's urging to call and ask me if I had a need for fourteen hundred dollars. At that time I was planting a church in Northern Maine, and had just finished praying with one of our men to meet a financial need; we needed fourteen hundred dollars.

Back to the research. As I said in my last post, my father is a WWII Vet. He was on the Pintado's maiden voyage; a plank member. When all was said and done, the entire crew received a Presidential Citation; my father's has been lost. I am trying to find a way to get it replaced. One of my relatives, a very bright and savvy guy, is trying to point me in the right direction. He has found a site that may be the critical link. I have always wanted a copy of that document for my father and for me. At the present, my wife is putting together a collage of pictures for my fiftieth birthday. As I looked at the pictures with her, those pictures were reminders of epics in my life that have shaped me. The pictures don't tell it all, but they evoke memories and bring the journey back to life. I know my father; that document is important.

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