Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Here, There, And Everywhere!

Today we have been here, there, and everywhere. Early in the day I talked to some old friends from Maine; we have quite a history. We attended high school together, and then I ended up being their pastor for a few years. During that time we slayed a few dragons, and survived some pretty deep wounds. Those days were not all bad, and time has only served to blur the ugly and glorify the beauty of our pasts. Thankfully, we have stayed in the good fight.

Later, I met with some of the leaders in the church I serve. We are trying to get on the same page. Each of us has a part in the story being written. God is the author and finisher of the story, but we struggle with the wording. We serve an unchanging God in changing times.

Tonight, Sandy and I went to visiting hours at a funeral home; a daughter lost her dad. We left there and stopped by a party for one of our friends. Her chronometer just hit 50! Then our two sons and daughter-in-law met us at Carrabba's for dinner. Justin and Erika leave for Boston tomorrow. Their visit has been brief and our homesickness has lingered a little longer this year.

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