Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day

I received two special gifts this Christmas: First, hundreds showed up for church this a.m. Many churches cancelled services so as not to interfere with Christmas (think about that for a few minutes); truth is, that grieves me. Also, we had a man trust Christ as Saviour this morning. God has been wooing Bill for quite some time. I first met him in the ICU; he had suffered cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated. I shared Christ with him in the hospital and he seemed responsive. When he got out of the hospital he began to attend our men's Thursday morning Bible study. Many men and women in our congregation have been "praying" this guy along for months. This morning he decidedly responded to Christ's invitation to save him.

Bill's wife had received Christ over a year ago. She began visiting our church and indicated an interest in our music ministry. Our minister of music followed up on her interest and led her to Christ over the phone. To use an expression "she has grown like a weed." She has prayed faithfully for her husband's salvation.

I am entering my fourth year at Morningside Baptist Church. I have spent nearly my entire adult life in ministry; the desire to see people come to Christ has not waned but grown stronger. More and more I am yearning to see the kind of conversion that the Scripture describes, lives radically changed and transformed into the image of Christ. Simply filling a sanctuary with a people coddled by a soft peddaled gospel has long disappeared. Today, I received great encouragement to stay on message.

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