Friday, November 25, 2005

Two Pilgrims Eaten!

I went to work at my office for a few hours this morning; around noon I left for home. Sandy and I had made plans to go hiking at F.D.R. State Park. I got all our stuff into one small backpack: coffee pot, coffee and condiments, stove, hatchet, lighter, water, work gloves, leatherman, and two pilgrims. We planned to eat the pilgrims.

No! Not the kind with the funny hats and buckles on their shoes. I am talking about the kind made from Thankgiving leftovers. We started with seven grain bread and put mayonaise on both slices. Next we stacked ample slices of turkey on the bread and covered it with turkey stuffing (that's dressing if you live in the south). Finally, we put a generous layer of cranberry sauce right in the middle and made a sandwich (you put the cranberry sauce in the middle so your bread doesn't get soggy).

Once all our gear was packed and the pilgrims safely stored in zip-lock bags we hiked to Broken Tree campsite; the temperature was a perfect 56 degrees. Sandy gathered kindling and I cut up some bigger wood. We got a perfect fire going and cranked up the campstove (much easier to make coffee on). Comfortably seated on rough hewn logs, I poured coffee for both of us and gave thanks for the two pilgrims we were about to eat!

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