Saturday, November 19, 2005

This Really Happened!

I am not used to seeing the quantity of deer I have seen since moving to Georgia. Thursday night it got about as bizarre as it could get. I got to my tree stand at 4:20 p.m. I barely got seated and a 6 point buck came out at the opposite end of the field.

I scoped him for quite a while and watched him feed. He was totally unaware of my presence and not at all cautious. At 4:45 I heard a couple of cracks about 25 yards to my left; out stepped a monster buck with the biggest rack I have ever seen. I didn't panic. I put my scope on him and waited for him to stop. I figured that when he got to the field he would stop when he saw the 6 pointer at the other end. He didn't stop. I calmly thought, "No problem, it's a long way to the end of the field; he'll stop. He didn't. I couldn't believe it when he walked directly away from me into the field; all the while I had my scope on that giant rack that appeared to stick out 5 inches beyond his ears on each side. I know-I know! I should have grunted or whistled to stop him. I didn't.

For the next 45 minutes the 6 pointer fed and then drifted off into the brushy slope to my right. Then it happened! All of a sudden groups of does and bucks were all over the place. My head was spinning; there were 5 different bucks of varying sizes chasing does around the food plot and into the grown up field that surrounded me. I kept picking out a buck I wanted to shoot, but could not get him stop! It was very windy and these bucks were from 100-175 yards out; I started whistling and making grunting sounds, but they didn't hear me! Finally, the biggest one stopped at the far end of the field. I fired and missed; it was nearly 6 o'clock and the light wasn't good! The big buck ran off into a stand of pines; the other bucks just kept running does! Another buck stopped; just as I fired, he jumped toward a doe. I missed -- again! Keep in mind that I hunt with a lever action 308. I jacked another shell in and waited for him to stop -- he did. I fired and he dropped -- a nine pointer!

I'm not done yet. On Friday evening, I had a board meeting in Juniper, Georgia. I also had an invitation from Bob S. to hunt at his farm in the afternoon before the meeting. Bob's son Rob took me to a stand at about 2:15 p.m. At 2:55 a big doe came busting out of the very thick swale right beneath my tree stand -- and stopped -- right beneath my tree stand. Again, the wind was blowing and I knew that the doe would smell me at any moment. I stood up, leaned over the handmade rail of the stand, sighted down the barrel (couldn't use the scope) and shot down through the top of the deer. It ran 25 yards behind me and dropped.

At 4:55 I heard some more noise coming through the same hole in the swale the doe came through. Out came a 6 point buck! Thirty minutes later I began dragging my two deer up over the ridge to the dirt road!

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