Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Morning

I chose not to go hunting this morning. Instead, I did the unthinkable -- stayed in bed until 6:30! I got up and read My Utmost; Sandy came back to life just as I finished reading. We got our coffee and enjoyed watching the sun's first rays hit the top of the trees; slowly the sun drenched them in light from top to bottom.

Between us and the sunrise there were a number of large birds, either crows or buzzards, casting moving shadows into our back yard. At first, we thought it was the big hawk that enjoys our neighbor's bird feeders -- he considers those feeders his own personal fly-through. Hawks are solitary; it wasn't him.

In a little while we will begin to cut up the turnip and hubbard squash. The turkey will go into the oven and other preparations will begin. On the East coast, my other son and his new bride will make their way to New York. My parents, two sisters, and one brother will gather with their families in Maine. One of my brothers is on his way to Arkansas to give thanks with his wife's family. Josh, Meagan, Sandy, and I will share thanks around a table loaded with God's provisions. It's a beautiful Thanksgiving morning.

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