Monday, November 14, 2005

Stephen King and a Day in the Life of Christ's Church

"The danger is that in trying to please everyone, today's newscasters provide no coverage at all" --- Stephen King

Yes! That quote is from the Stephen King -- the "King" of horror. He is lamenting the way TV news has gone from reporting to seeking listeners. Today, I have continued my unending wrestling with a similar seduction. I often wish that people understood that our goal is not to get ratings and tickle ears. Some days, I wish that the adventure I write about is a little less about conflict and more about valiant rescues. It is hard to agree with people who would try to convince you that a manure pile smells like a rose. And then there are those who can make a rose smell like a manure pile.

"The danger is that in trying to please everyone, today's pastor provides no coverage at all." --- Bill Shorey

1 comment:

  1. I say "Let them have the manure pile!! There are flies who thrive on such delicacies.
    Oswald Chambers in his autobiography referred to this as the "Plague of the Flies"
    "Those busy little people who climb over the window of your soul and irritate your outlook."
    Amen and Amen!