Monday, November 7, 2005

Journal, October 31 -- Rio Bravo

We completed our first day of work. Whenever we were working, someone was in the "Prayer Chair." Every half hour, two new workers were in cane-seat chairs under some mesquite trees, praying for the work. Amid the sound of hens clucking, dogs chasing each other, and nearby construction, we prayed. No worker, deaf child, or project was left uncovered. The "Prayer Chair" was the most important effort put forth.

During the day, Zach led a team that repaired the windmill that pumped the cistern full of water. Donnie and Carey C. wired and re-wired existing buildings. Bob and Ken dug and formed the footing for the giant flag pole. The rest of us laid block, built forms, cut re-bar, mixed cement and mortar, and twisted wire.

Cary J. led the devotion time tonight and the team put up little resistance against the Sandman -- it was time to go to bed!

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