Monday, November 7, 2005

Journal, October 29 -- Rio Bravo

Once again, Bill R. and I are seated next to each other on an airplane; the last time, we were on our way to Asia. This trip provides a sort of measurement. I have been thinking about all that has transpired and what our new mission holds in store . . .

The journey to Mexico feels very different than the one to Asia. Our mission and tactics are so different. In Asia, we traveled as evangelists, two-by-two, were somewhat covert, and never really safe. In Asia, staying away from authorities antagonistic toward the gospel was a big part of the mission. In Mexico, we will be a very visible construction team of 27, and nothing in the physical world poses a threat. In Asia we were in remote villages, and often the sum total of the kingdom of God among thousands. In Mexico, we will be among many local residents who have come to Christ.

Ironically, we will be ministering to the deaf and mute in Mexico -- in Asia, we had to deliver the gospel without words to a people who had never heard.

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