Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In the Midst of Thanksgiving

Today I spent a lot of time at hospitals. One of our ladies had outpatient surgery on her shoulder; all is well.

One of our men fell from a ladder on Sunday, went immediately to the hospital and was told they could find no damage. When the pain got unbearable he went to Hughston hospital and found that his knee was broken; due to the break, blood circulation was cut off below the knee. He had to have emergency surgery that required plates and screws. If he had delayed any longer he would have faced amputation. We talked about hunting in Alabama in six weeks.

Our Sr. Adult Pastor's child fell from his bunk bed, hit his head on a toy chest, ruptured his eardrum, and fractured his skull. He is sedated and being evaluated; there is no cause to believe he will not mend.

I went to another floor at the same hospital and prayed with a 19 year old and his parents; I had never met them before today. Ty was going under the knife for exploratory surgery; it was presumed that he has cancer. Ty's surgery revealed that he is cancer free.

This morning I met with my pastoral staff and each of us took a few moments to express thanks to God; we have all experienced many blessings in 2005. My youngest staff member gave thanks for life. He has a medical condition that keeps him walking a tightrope; everyday is precious to him. Another gave thanks for the new 9 pound 14 ounce baby boy born less than two weeks ago. Our newest pastoral staff member is just incredibly grateful to join the team. Others thanked God for godly parents and the privilege of ministry. My thanks were for the glory of God that is so evident in the life of my wife and for the deepening faith of my children. All day long I have journeyed through many different circumstances -- all day long I have been in the midst of Thanksgiving.

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