Monday, November 7, 2005

Gideon's Band -- Doing More With Less!

We pulled into the church parking lot shortly before midnight on November 4th; twenty-seven men returned from Rio Bravo, Mexico. The mission trip exceeded everyone's expectations; that says a lot, because our original goal was to take 100 men on mission. You may be thinking, "How could you have possibly exceeded expectations when you missed your work force goal by nearly 75 percent?" The answer, "Little is much when God is in it."

There have been scores of teams from around the country that have gone to Rio Bravo; the undertaking there is God-sized. Under construction is a two-story spartan block building of over 20 thousand square feet. Added to the task was a tremendous amount of maintenance on the existing buildings and equipment. Yet, for the first time in the history of the project, one of the lead Mexican foremen said to the resident missionary that the group from Morningside did the work of 100 men!

The amount of progress made is even more incredible and God glorifying when you consider that only 2 of the 27 men considered themselves tradesmen; the other 25 men dubbed themselves as "gophers." To a man, we all realized that God had truly "shown up." Only God could enable us to achieve that kind of success. To a man, we can't wait to get back to Rio Bravo!

Our organizational guy recognized that God put together a crew like Gideon's army. From a human perspective our "army" was undermanned and underqualified. From God's perspective we needed to be exposed to His ability to "Do more with less."

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