Thursday, November 10, 2005

Feedback from Rio Bravo

I received the following e-mail from our Rio Bravo missionaries. I had asked Ray and Tanya when they were going to be back in Georgia, we want to get them together with the team for some fun. Their reply contained a little more than a date and time . . .

Brother Bill,---(sorry about the "brother" It's just my upbringing)

Our plan is to be there from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving until about Wednesday of the week after. We'd love to get together with everybody. Y'all come back anytime. We had a fantastic week. The maistros were upset with me because I didn't make it clear the morning that y'all left that you would not be coming back that afternoon. I had told them the day before when the kids were leaving---but they apparently didn't process it--that is why they didn't say their goodbyes. Anyway Flavio said he had even worked up a little speech--that has never happened before. Your team really had an effect on our workers. Thank you.

Ray and Tanya

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