Thursday, October 13, 2005

They're Off!

We had a work crew of 17 people begin the trek to Biloxi. They are on their way with air hammers, clothes, and no lack of enthusiasm! The team is well assembled with a couple of professional roofers, a number of strong backs, and enough supplies awaiting to put roofs on two houses. Man does not live by bread alone, but it is a necessary part of their diet! We have another couple from the church that is on their way in an R.V.; they will be providing hot meals for the team.

The team is split into two groups. One team left town today and will get the roofs stripped, old decking removed, and have everything ready for the "professionals." Most of these folks have taken vacation time to bring relief to a very battered church and congregation. Incredibly, getting volunteers has not been like trying to find hen's teeth; they have gladly responded to this opportunity.

As I write I am a little disappointed. Due to circumstances beyond my control I am unable to go. God in His infinite wisdom and broader plan kept me here to tend the needs of the flock He has graciously given me the privilege to shepherd. I am very grateful that God may replace a worker from time-to-time, but the work goes on. Offer up a prayer of thanksgiving for the selfless workers who are responding to God's invitation to join Him on this adventure.

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