Friday, October 28, 2005

Rio Bravo, Mexico

Tomorrow morning, 26 men will gather at MBC at 5 a.m.; we are headed to Mexico. By 5:30 we will be on our way to the world's busiest airport, Hartsfield in Atlanta. We will fly to Dallas and then on McAllen, Texas. A bus will carry us to Rio Bravo. Once there, our phase of a construction project begins; we are building an educational facility for the deaf. Projects will include hanging sheetrock, painting, pouring concrete, and tackling an endless punch list.

This mission trip is part of our "Band of Brothers" Men's Ministry. For many of the men it will be the first mission trip out of our country. But once they get a taste of it, I doubt it will be their last. We are going to a very poor border town, and the experience may change the future direction of some of the men.

This year, MBC sent missionaries to China, Peru, Uruguay, Kentucky, Arizona, California, and Mississippi. A crew is returning to Mississippi in November; we have made a long term commitment to help re-establish a church battered by Katrina. We are helping them rebuild their sanctuary, re-roof houses, and provide salaries for their staff.

While in Rio Bravo, we will keep a look-out for John Wayne.

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