Monday, October 3, 2005

Call of the Wild 2

On October 1, nearly two hundred men gathered to fish, shoot skeet and sporting clays, rappel, go rock climbing, blast away at each other with paint ball guns, and hear some challenging messages around the theme, The Measure of a Man.

Using the Scriptures as the measuring stick we asked, "What is the measure of a husband, friend, and father?" The messages were geared toward men -- and they were challenging. All the speakers avoided pretense; they were gloriously transparent. The last speaker of the day was one of our men; Gerald is a trophy of God's grace. He told the story of his journey -- he was taken from his alcoholic home at 5 years old and adopted into a less-than stable household. We listened and were all convinced that we have one flawless Father!

For some of these men, it was a risky adventure to rappel off a 65 foot tower. They stood timidly on the deck and then took the leap off the edge. They landed 65 feet later, filled with the confidence that comes when you are willing to face a fear and conquer it.

Sitting at one of the tables one of the men commented, "Faith is like that -- no risk, no thrill!"

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