Saturday, October 15, 2005

An Ox In The Ditch

I just finished talking with Chuck; he has managed the project in Biloxi. The teams worked liked troopers putting the roofs on two houses. In all, they laid 80 square of shingles! One of the roofs needed significant work done in replacing the decking and was a lot more labor intensive than we had first expected. That extra work set them back about half a day.

Do you remember the confrontations that Jesus had with the religious rulers about doing work on the Sabbath? They were indignant because Jesus healed people on the sabbath. After one such healing Jesus asked them this question, " Which of you having an ox that has fallen into a ditch, will not immediately pull him out on the Sabbath?" Their response? "They could not answer Him regarding these things."

Tomorrow our Biloxi crew will follow the Lord's example and "pull an ox out of the ditch" on our Sabbath -- Sunday. They have about two more hours of work to do. If everything goes according to schedule, they will leave Biloxi around noon!

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