Monday, September 5, 2005

Katrina: A New Adventure

Columbus, Georgia is beautiful, economically healthy, growing, and in my opinion the recipient of God's special favor. I love living here. I find it rewarding to rise early, step outside, and see stunning sunrises. I like driving slowly down Warm Springs Road early in the morning with the sunroof open or the windows rolled down, enjoying the sounds and the fresh morning air on my face.

It doesn't seem possible that just a few hours away is a world of staggering devastation. In fact, it seems so impossible that I could easily put it out of my mind (as long as I didn't turn on the T.V. or read a newspaper) and continue on with my nearly perfect life. But I could not continue in a vital walk with God and neglect the new adventure He has called me to. What is the adventure? Influencing the people in my very stable world to use our resources to bring the hope of a new beginning to many whose lives have been turned upside down!

Katrina has given Christ's Church an opportunity to follow God's desired response to unprecedented destruction and need. Has such need ever arisen on our own soil? Is it conceivable that any life could be unaltered by what has taken place? How about yours? How will you respond?

In the following posts I will share how God has altered our lives and led us to respond.

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