Sunday, August 21, 2005

Milestone of the Century!

I did it! While in Maine, I took my first Century, or 100 mile, bike ride. Up to that point my longest trip had been a 67 mile ride I did alone, from Midland to Pine Mountain and back.

In five hours and forty-five minutes I pedaled 103 miles and did over five thousand feet of climbing! The only stop was 5 minutes to refill water bottles at mile 60.

My riding partner was my nephew, Ron, a semi-professional cyclist. Ron and I are very good friends and I have looked forward to riding a Century with him since I started cycling a few months ago.

The toughest part of the Century was between miles 55 and 60. We had to do a series of 3 difficult climbs. Each climb got steeper and longer. On the steepest, longest climb I didn't think I could make it. I got dizzy, couldn't seem to gulp enough oxygen, and my legs were screaming in pain. Ron coached me through it, "Find a rhythm and just keep moving forward." I literally put my head down and began to pound out a one-two-count. I pedaled, inhaled, and exhaled, in harmony. Finally, my revolutions began to pick up speed and I was at the top. The last 40 miles were exhilarating and believe it or not -- easy!

Ron said it was a challenging course and that I earned my stripes.

As I rode into camp, I yelled at the top of my lungs -- "The Milestone of the Century -- I did it!"

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  1. Dear Bill,
    Anna and I have been wayching the news about the devastation and displacement in New Orleans. The need is Great! We can do very little with limited means. She wants to invite a family to come live with us. This we could do and with very modest meals afford to feed several more mouths.
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    Shalom b'Yshua,
    Ric Smith