Monday, August 8, 2005

Last First Day

Our oldest son called me at 6 a.m. (he does so routinely, he knows I am an early riser). He is changing jobs and has two suitors. He wanted some more advice before he committed. I had just finished talking with him when Meagan spoke from the kitchen, "Dad, this is the last time I will have my first day of school at Columbus High." Our baby girl is a senior! It doesn't seem possible.

Immediately, it turned into a meloncholy moment. Where has the time gone?

Meg and I talked as she packed her lunch into one of those little brown bags. She wanted to know what my senior year was like (I graduated from a class of 32. No! Not the class of 32). We talked about the friends she has made and upcoming decisions about college. We made plans to go out for dinner tonight.

Before she left we stood in the garage and prayer together -- for the last time on her first day of of school at Columbus High.

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