Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Routine of the Adventurous Life

This morning I was in France. It was an adventure getting there. First, I had to cross the pond to England. Once there, I began the dangerous swim across the channel. As soon as I hit the beaches of Normandy, I followed the invasion route awhile and then headed to Saint-Etienne. I arrived there just in time to see Lance Armstrong win the 20th stage time trial of the Tour de France.

Actually, Sandy and I power-washed the back patio, mowed the lawn, edged, used generous quantities of Round-up, blew debris from the driveway, and cleaned the house. I also drove over to the church and checked the progress on the new parking lot. This afternoon, I did some weight training, reading, and wrote a post for Devotions for the Adventure.

Jesus did a lot of walking, and Paul did a lot of sailing. Part of the adventurous life is the routine. Without the routine -- there would be no adventure!

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