Sunday, July 17, 2005

Return to Presque Isle: The Parsonage gets heat!

On July 10th, members and former members of New Life Baptist Church celebrated the church's 25th anniversary. The founding pastor, Tom Harmon, spoke and reviewed God's blessing over the past quarter-century.

I talked to one of the members I pastored when I was there. Paula filled me in on the day's events. Along with the many spiritual blessings she recounted, there was also one of temperal significance. The old turn-of-the-century farmhouse finally got heat -- they burned it down!

Yes! The P.I. Fire Department used it as a training exercise and it is no more. I have tried my best to be sentimental about its passing, but thus far, have been unable to do so. As of late, God has been speaking to me about cultivating a more thankful heart -- I am finding it very easy to be thankful!

Congratulations, New Life! I still have pictures of the church on my desk. On a regular basis, I pray God's blessings on you! God has a purpose for that available space! I look forward to seeing what He will do.

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