Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Perhaps My Chance Will Come!

This morning, Sandy and I got on our bikes and went for a ride. Sandy's ride would be about 18 miles, mine 23. It was early and the sun was rising up through an early morning haze; simultaneously, we were both struck by the beauty of its veiled, yet bright orange glow. As we were exclaiming over the sight, a deer leaped across the road, no more than 10 yards ahead of us! Once again, we recognized it all as a gift from God.

For us, our early morning bike rides are a time of worship, praise, and conditioning. We are grateful for the health that God has given us. We enjoy each other's company and love the effect of the constantly changing scenery and the fresh morning air.

Nine miles into our ride, we parted ways. I wanted to scout out a new route. Sandy is not comfortable on busy roads. I always precede our future treks together and take note of the traffic, number of climbs, and the distance our new trail will commit us to. This morning, I met one jogger and three autos.

On my ride I shifted into my highest gear and zipped down a hill at 45 miles per hour. Every downhill ride required an uphill grind on the other side; I loved it! Later on, I passed several pastures where horses were grazing. All the while, I kept an eye on my odometer and pushed myself to increase my average speed.

The sense of adventure remains in me; I am not sure why I do this. As I write, my hips ache. Ibuprofin has become part of my diet. What I am sure of is this: God has always prepared me for an adventure long before the adventure starts. A quote from Abraham Lincoln comes to mind, "I will prepare and be ready. Perhaps my chance will come."

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