Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lance: Truly an Enigma

Lance Armstrong is an American and doubly blessed to be a Texan (my wife is from Dallas). Armstrong is an inspiration. His dedication to his sport, his stamina, and his determination are truly remarkable. His life journey is epic. He came back from the edge of death with testicular cancer that had spread to his brain and lungs. He didn't just come back and exist; he came back and won 7 Tour de France races!

From the interviews I have watched, he is an incredible leader who graciously effuses his team with praise. Lance reminds the world that his team protects him in races and selflessly strategizes to keep him in the yellow jersey. His praise even trickles down to his bike mechanics. On the other hand, in verbal and written testimony, he gives no credit to God for his miraculous recovery or athletic ability. He makes it a point to be sure his admirers are clear on that; he is a cancer survivor because of his own determination and advanced medical care.

People of faith cannot fathom how such a spectacular creation as Lance could be so separated from his Creator.

To us, Lance is an enigma.

I just returned from the ICU at the Medical Center where a 17-year-old is battling to survive a violent accident. After two weeks, he is still in a semi-comatose state. Two young nurses were providing care: cleaning lines, measuring urine outputs, and checking critical data. The young man's dad was there also, courageously and humbly thanking God for the tiny advances in his son's recovery.

From Lance's worldview, this dad is an enigma.

Believe it or not, the two young nurses, the young man's dad, and I were soon in a conversation about Lance Armstrong. The dad asked me if it was true that Lance disregards God. One of the nurses answered immediately, "No, he does not believe in God. What is wrong with that guy?"

"What is wrong with that guy?" To this point Lance, graced with such giftedness and miraculous healing, appears to be impervious to the grace of God -- truly an enigma.

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