Friday, June 17, 2005

Waiting for the Mud to Dry

Everything was in place. We had plans, financing, and a congregation that continued to grow, both numerically and spiritually. We would start our new building as soon as the mud season of "85" was a memory.

Sometimes, congregations are divided about God's direction. At New Life, everybody was excited. There was plenty of evidence that "God's good hand was upon us." God was the catalyst of our step of faith. You might ask, "What kind of evidence are you talking about?"

The facility we were meeting in could not contain the number of people God was sending our way; we needed a bigger container. People were coming to Christ at an unusual pace, and those coming to Christ continued to bring more people. There was a sense of anticipation; everyone was hearing the same thing from God, "Trust me, I will provide. Take the step of faith, and I will see to it that you have the resources to sustain you."

It was during this time that I picked up a saying, "Straight ahead, and never mind the mud!" As we were waiting for the summer sun to dry the fields, Ted was looking for bargains on plywood, trim, and electrical supplies. During that long winter wait, Ted would often say, "I can't wait! It's straight ahead and never mind the mud!" By the time the mud did dry, Ted had located and secured bargain prices on many of the construction materials we would need.

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