Friday, June 24, 2005

The Wild Bunch!

David R. was quiet, organized, disciplined, athletic, and a very good hunter. He was also secretly impish. He knew the "County" like the back of his hand. David would get us newcomers to the County all primed for hunting. For weeks leading up to the season, he would give us reports on how many partridge he had seen. By the time opening day came around we were rarin' to go!

David would take Kevin M. and me to "prime" hunting spots. He will not admit it to this day, but we finally figured it out. There were no birds where he sent us. David would show up later on; he would have his limit. It took a couple of hunting seasons before Kevin and I figured it out what he was doing.

Kevin was competitive. It could be a board game, basketball game, or a game of darts. Kevin's motto was, "If you play, play to win!" Kevin hated to lose. When he played David, he always did!

Kevin and I bantered all the time. During the building program, I would often get to the bottom of my coffee cup and find nails, staples, stones, or other things I won't describe. One day I went to put on my work boots and he had nailed them to the floor. I felt bad (not really), when I tried to cut his boot laces and cut his foot instead.

Then there was Marty C. He was one of the top recruiters for the Air Force. If David was impish, and Kevin was competitive, then Marty was sneaky! Marty got a great kick out of sending taxis to our house, kicking your golf ball into the woods, or inciting Ted J. into a rage during work days. Marty was very intelligent, but would purposely mess things up just to make sure boredom didn't set in.

We were all in our twenties or early thirties, and best of friends. It was rare to see one of us without the others. We visited together, prayed together, served God together, and enjoyed every minute of it. God had given us a challenge, and by His grace, we were up to the task.

As they say, you can't "go back." But if I could, I would revisit those days with The Wild Bunch.

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