Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Rabid Red Fox

In the summer of "85" we started building. Every Saturday we had work days; entire families would sometimes show up. One Saturday, a rabid red fox joined us.

Several children were playing in the driveway away from the construction site. Little boys had their dumptrucks and shovels. Little girls had their dolls and sand buckets. All of a sudden a fox came around the corner of the buildings, rushed in among the children, grabbed one of the toys, and began to shake it violently. The kids didn't seemed alarmed. I believe they thought it was a small dog. The parents came rushing to the scene. The fox snarled and ran off.

We alerted the proper authorities and also decided to keep my shotgun around, just in case. Here's where a very serious situation takes a comical twist.

Do you remember me talking about Ken? By now, we had grown to be pretty good friends. Neither of us gave quarter when it came to giving each other a hard time.

Ken witnessed the incident with the fox and told me to just leave my shotgun where he could get it. He would take care of the situation. His resolve was filled with his typical bravado. Well, the fox showed up again. Ken ran to my truck, put a shell in my shotgun, and charged the fox.

What Ken didn't realize is that I saved my spent shotgun shells. One of the other guys in the church used to reload them for me. When Ken grabbed my gun, he loaded it with a shell that had already been fired.

You had to be there!

Remember the first scene, Ken running after the fox? Now the fox was running after Ken! Fortunately, Ken made it back to the cab of my truck and reloaded.

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