Saturday, June 11, 2005

Rise Up and Build

Toward the end of 1983, we began to experience something I have never seen repeated since. Nearly every Sunday, someone came to Christ! We stood in awe of the work of God in the lives of those He brought into our fledgling congregation. The following year was one of spiritual growth and maturing both individually and as a body.

The spiritual and financial stability of the church improved week after week. The existing property had gotten all the face lift it was going to get; we were using every available nook and cranny for ministry. We also found ourselves in the strange position of having a surplus of money!

The entire congregation wanted to build a new sanctuary. In the last few months of 1984, we began talking to Washburn Trust about getting financing to build.

If we were to construct a new sanctuary, we would have to do much of the work ourselves to keep costs down. We surveyed the congregation and found that we had the following skilled labor: an electrician, a plumber, a flooring installer, a framer, roofers . . . and a number of "wannabes!"

As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention." Out of necessity, the preacher also became a general contractor. That challenge was the beginning of an exciting adventure. I felt like Nehemiah -- and those I served were saying, "Let us rise up and build!"

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