Saturday, May 14, 2005

Cutting Edge Evangelism

When we went to Presque Isle, we had about $600 per month of support raised. That income was used to help pay the mortgage, keep the lights on in our house church, and keep food on the table. We were lean financially; the only personal debt we had was a monthly payment for a surgery for one of our sons. A couple of years later when we made the final payment, we had a party and told our son we now owned him free and clear!

We decided that Sandy would not seek employment; Justin was two years old and Josh was not yet one. Being a mom is a big job -- that would remain her primary focus. Sandy also stood by my side in every facet of the ministry. She was as responsible for the success of New Life as anyone on earth.

My mentors advised me not to seek outside employment, either. Instead, I would commit to making door to door contact at least 30 hours a week. God's Word says, "The laborer is worthy of his hire." God was my employer -- we would trust Him to provide. I was very faithful to the commitment to visit, I never took a sick day, and God was never a debtor to us.

"The County" was well known for an abundant supply of game birds, especially partridge. Wherever I went, I had my 16 gauge shotgun and a blaze orange cap in my vehicle. When I was making contacts in the more rural areas, I looked for old woods roads or overgrown potato fields. When I found one, I would pull over, put on my blaze orange cap, pick up my 16 gauge, and hunt for partridge. I got to do a fair amount of shooting!

People in the area got a kick out of seeing me heading into the woods in my semi-formal hunting attire. It wasn't long before they began to stop and tell me where the good hunting spots were. Several different men took me hunting with them and ended up as members of New Life.

In the far northern reaches of the state of Maine, cutting edge evangelism blazed a new trail!

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