Thursday, April 14, 2005

Trouble On the Border

The Roadmakers traveled toward the border in two groups of four. Our group arrived a few hours behind the other.

All of us believed the coast was clear. I know all of us wanted to bring back a sample packet of the material we had trudged many miles to deliver. My pedometer told me we had walked seventy two miles.

At the border, I approached the first group far too casually. They were sitting in a room to the left of the area where the border officials were. With a look of panic and fear, one of our guys said, "Get rid of any material! They found a packet on one of us and detained us!" My first response was to find Bill. He was, by far, the best trained to handle the situation. In his cool and calm way, Bill said, "Get the guys and follow me." I did!

We left the border station and went directly across the plaza to the public restrooms. A couple of things to keep in mind: first, we had to deal with an incredibly insistent woman who charged us to use the bathroom, and second, these bathrooms could make you vomit. Bill collected all of our packets, broke them up and forced them, by hand, into the filthy hole in the squatty.

Let me explain what happened to the first group that got detained. As I do, keep in mind how cleverly God intervened in the situation...

We believed they were stopped and searched because someone from a previous village reported them. Also, the driver who brought them to the checkpoint was questioned; he confirmed that they had made several stops along the way.

It is also significant that once the guard found one packet, he quit searching. If he had not, he would have found a half dozen others. When he asked one of our guys what he would find when he "opened" the packet, our guy answered very shrewdly, "Some guy gave it to us. I think its pictures of naked American women!" The guard immediately took it to his superior; they opened it with the Roadmakers looking on. No doubt, the guards were disappointed when their eyes beheld a presentation -- with pictures -- of the fall of man and his rescuer Jesus Christ!

God showed up another way. Before they were stopped and searched by the guard, their visas were stamped to cross the border. If they had not, there is no doubt that they would have spent a part of their short term mission trip behind bars!

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  1. It is truly amazing to read your posts and see God's hand of protection through all the miles of your journey. Thanks for sharing this adventure with us.