Saturday, April 2, 2005

Reckless Abandon

The people who scouted out the villages possessed a faith that looked somewhat reckless. Why? Because they did not depend solely upon a map to show them where to go! They planned, but depended on God to ultimately lead the way and direct their steps. They were at ease with the unknown.

They are uniquely bonded together as husband and wife. One of them is very creative --the mission he conceived and we executed was the first of its kind. The other has an eye for detail and is gifted at organization. Both of them are abandoned to God's purposes for their lives. We observed them swapping their agenda for God's on several occasions. We sensed that they truly trusted God to equip them moment by moment for whatever situation might arise. That was the beauty of the relationship they shared.

On our walk with God we had to learn this, too. There were times when one of us had a gut instinct to take a route other than the one sketched on paper. Other times we were harrassed off route by some unforseen circumstances, like Old Stone Face. Such instances exposed us to the reality of Proverbs 16:9...

"A man's heart plans his way: but the LORD directs his steps."

Only God could merge our options into His seamless plan. Every day became a classroom -- we were being taught how to discern God's direction and agenda.

Don't misunderstand me -- plans are necessary -- but our plans did not always match the Lord's. He would have to show us the direction He intended us to go! We found ourselves asking "Which way, Lord?" When we did that, God graced us with unusual and almost instantaneous discernment.

Does that kind of faithwalk seems reckless? Is it hard to explain? Yes.

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