Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Real Men

There were only two other white people on our bus -- both of them were women. One was from Montreal, Canada, the other from Oxford, England. The two did not know each before the trip. They became traveling partners when they discovered they were headed toward a common tourist attraction.

What did I see? I saw men go out of their way to treat those women with great respect and look out for their well being. I saw men do what God has always intended men to do -- I saw old fashioned chivalry!

Don't misunderstand me -- they were very competent and capable women. They were highly educated, hoisted backpacks as big as ours, were adventurous, and courageous. They handled all the hardships of the next 13 hours as well as any man on the bus. They had already navigated through 2 challenging legs of their journeys before we met them.

Their presence brought out the best in all the Roadmakers. Frank, Bill R., and I had conversations with them that applauded their grit and leaned toward the gospel. For one of them, the purpose of the journey was to "find herself." Both Frank's last conversation and mine with that particular woman (unknown to each other until later) ended with our commitment to pray that she would find what she was looking for.

I watched the two women warm up to the good intentions of the Roadmakers. They expressed appreciation for our kindness to them and our commitment to the mission we were on. The conditions on the bus were deporable. I have no doubt that God intersected our lives as a testimony to the difference in men who know God, know they are men, and respect God's image in the fairer sex.

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