Friday, April 15, 2005

Across The Border

The Mission -- as we planned it -- was completed, but God would expand it!

Finally we crossed the border! Our last day in the Big Country was calamitous. There was no shortage of adrenaline flowing through the veins of the Roadmakers! We would need it; the next leg was more than we bargained for. Once across the border we loaded our gear into a pickup. A very small pickup. We squeezed into benches in the truck's bed and two of us stood teetering on the tail gate. We geared up for a long six and a half hour ride that would slash through one country and bring us to another. The ride was long and hardly uneventful.

The area we were in experienced one of the most severe rainfalls in one hundred years. This was supposed to be the dry season. The road turned to soup and a large vehicle was mired down in the middle of our route. We could ride no further. We made the decision to foot march to our destination -- approximately eleven miles.

We tramped along through semi-tropical landscape. We were caked with mud to our knees. The trail was an endless series of undulating hills and valleys. The villages we passed reminded us of pictures out of National Geographic. We saw thatched huts, naked children running around in the yards, and people bathing in the muddy rivers. Pot bellied pigs, chickens, countless goats, and water buffalos roamed freely. It is hard to describe how this environment affected our senses.

At one of the villages, a teenage boy carrying an acoustic guitar greeted us. One of the Roadmakers is a good guitarist and singer. We asked the boy if Trevor could play a song on it; he gladly handed him the guitar. With the top string missing, Trevor played the song, Ancient of Days. All the Roadmakers were singing and clapping their hands in rhythm with the music. Many of the villagers gathered around us. It was a God ordained moment. We gave testimony to the One who had carried us more than ten thousand miles from home.

Glory and honor...
blessing and power...
be unto the Ancient of days.
From every nation...
all of creation...
bows before the Ancient of days.

Every tongue in heaven and earth...
shall declare His glory.
Every knee will bow at His throne in worship.
You will be exalted, O God...
and Your kingdom shall not pass away,
O Ancient of days.

We prayed that God would bless our listeners with the gift of interpreting our language.

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