Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Team

"My prayer for all of them is that they will be one, just as you and I are one...and I give myself entirely to you so they also might be entirely yours." John 17:17, 19

God called us to an adventure into uncharted waters. We had all done mission work, but nothing like this! There were countless details to work out. We were all "achievers" and wanted to succeed. We all had our own opinions as to how we would achieve success. We all began to share them.

The Roadmakers were a very diverse group of men. Diversity can easily turn into disunity -- and we teetered on that edge!

Very early on I began to prevail on God to bring unity to our team -- very early on the Spirit of God showed me these elements in Jesus' prayer for unity: Only God can bring the unity He desires -- God unifies us around His plan through prayer. Jesus prayed for unity out of a unity he already shared with the Father -- he was confident that he was in the Father's will. Jesus could release others to God's providence because he had released himself to His Father's providence.

Just as the Father answered Jesus' prayer, God answered mine. We began to gain confidence that the waters were not uncharted -- God knew every path He had for us. We all recognized the need for a deeper dependence upon God; we could not depend on experience alone. The mission was not ours -- it was God's. He had designed the mission and wanted it to succeed! We could trust God's providence when all the details didn't come together.

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