Thursday, March 3, 2005

Final Destiny

Legendary long distance rider Frank Hopkins and his horse Hidalgo entered a 3000 mile race across the Arabian desert. During the race the wild mustang Hidalgo -- once nearly dead from wounds and exhaustion -- mystically rises from the desert sands. The Arabian horses with ancient bloodlines ran well, but their efforts were not enough. Hidalgo won.

The movie switches from the deserts of Arabia back to the wide open plains of the wild west. A large herd of wild mustangs is crunched into a corral. Soldiers are fanning out around them with the order to "Make every shot count!"

Frank and Hidalgo come upon the scene. In Frank's hand is a bill of sale -- he has bought the entire herd and saved them from destruction. They are now his. He can do with them as he pleases. He sets them free -- that was the destiny of the wild mustang.

Throughout the movie it is clear that Hidalgo was never "tamed." Hidalgo ran with Frank and pushed himself for Frank -- they both loved the adventure and thrill of the long distance race.

The last thing you see in the movie is Hidalgo with no saddle or bridle -- Frank has removed them. Hidalgo is watching the freed mustangs dash across the plains. He is free to join them. He is now in a place and at a place where bit and bridle are no longer needed.

As I watched the movie come to an end I said to Sandy and Josh, "That's what heaven's going to be like. No more need for a bit and bridle -- just an unfettered freedom to enjoy the new earth -- our final destiny!

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