Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Will I Be Remembered?

Many people have no idea who George Whitefield was. Church historians are a little baffled by how quickly he faded from memory when they look at him in the context of the world he lived in and the impact he made. Some have offered these opinions as to why many of his contemporaries like John and Charles Wesley and Jonathan Edwards are remembered: The Wesleys' possessed organizational genius, they left many written documents, they founded a denomination. Charles published some of the church's great hymns; Whitefield founded an orphanage and spoke outdoors. Jonathan Edwards was a profound thinker and theologian. Many of his works are studied in some of this world's greatest academic institutions. His sermon "Sinners in the hands of an angry God" is known by literally millions who know nothing about the God of whom Edwards writes; Whitefield was no theologian.

What made him such a phenomenom in his day? Whitfield walked with God and God touched hearts through Whitefield's life.

Will I be remembered? Will you be remembered?

All of us can leave behind a legacy like Whitefield did -- touching lives by walking with God. I do not know anyone personally who will leave behind an institution, copious books, hundreds of hymns, or be quoted in secular and Christian institutions for scores of years beyond their death.
But -- will we be remembered one hundred years from now? Yes! Who will remember us? As we walk with God, every heart He touches will remember us for eternity; every step we take in this world, God will leave His footprint.

I want to be remembered -- do you?

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