Monday, February 28, 2005

Mostly -- we just prayed.

I have a group of friends -- we have been given the name "The Road Makers." Our backgrounds are very different -- one is a doctor, 3 are college students, two are military officers (a major and a colonel), one is a father of three young boys, and then there is me. We want to be "Road Makers," preparing spiritual highways for the gospel to travel over. We have a distinquished precedent to follow in John the Baptist. John was the last of the Old Testament prophets blessed with the privilege of preparing a highway of holiness for the Messiah to bring the kingdom to His people. John's ministry only lasted 8 to 9 months. We hope ours lasts longer.

Seven of us got together this weekend to do some light backbacking and heavy praying on Pine Mountain trail. Our prayers were focused on blazing a pioneer trail. We are going where no one -- or very few -- have gone before. Yes, there are still places like that in this world. Places neglected or forgotten. Places where Jesus has never been heard of -- places needing "Road Makers."

God knows precisely where we are going -- He is the One who put all this together. We, along with some friends, have a general idea where we are going, but we all agree this is the greatest step of faith we have ever taken.

How do you pray about a mission like this? Here is how we prayed. The people we are going among are in desperate need of the gospel -- we prayed desperately. We know that in most instances we will not be able to talk to those we meet directly about God, but we can talk directly to God about them -- and we did. We prayed for God to show us our sin and remind us of how pristine he can make our hearts through confession -- we prayed for each other. We prayed that eyes that can see and would thwart our mission be blinded -- we prayed against those who would keep others in darkness. We prayed that blinded eyes would to be opened -- we prayed for those in bondage to that darkness.

We talked about hiking gear, logistics, who will travel with who, the doc gave us vaccines and shots, and we shared a few laughs, but mostly -- we just prayed.

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