Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Advancing the Kingdom

For the job of bridging the Mississippi River, the resume of James Buchanan Eads did not naturally surface:
Engineering degree: none
Bridges built: none
Work experience: underwater salvage, a glass factory…gunboat builder, and river boatman.
Yet shortly after the Civil War, when the City Counsel of St. Louis declared it ‘indispensably necessary to erect a bridge across the Mississippi River,’ Eads was chosen for the job. More renowned and distinguished candidates…were turned down. -- from The Church of Irresistible Influence
What made the difference? Eads knew the Mississippi. He had spent years making his living salvaging in the murky waters of the great river. He knew what it would take to lay a foundation that would support a bridge on the quirky bottom.

When we read of the early church and those Christ entrusted with Advancing the Kingdom, we are befuddled by God’s strange choice. We look at those coming out of Pentecost, and like James Buchanan Eads, they just don't seem qualified for the task ahead.

All of us were all once in the murky world of darkness. We all have great experience in being lost. When we were brought into the Kingdom, through faith in Christ, we were also hand picked to advance it. God in His infinite wisdom knew we had what it takes to build a bridge to Him -- the gospel. We know the foundation of the bridge is Christ!


  1. Hey Ledges, I loved the story about the Mississippi river dude. It seems to me that not only does God choose people that we wouldn't choose to do jobs that seem impossible, but he also brings circumstances into our lives that seem impossible for us to get through. (I guess in those times, we ourselves are the people who have the "impossible" assignment). The point being that God has an endless number of creative ways to remind us that we have zero chance of any kind of real success apart from him.
    Just a few thoughts-