Friday, February 18, 2005

57 degrees

It has been a beautiful day here in the Southeast. This morning as I drove along Warm Springs Road, I looked up at the the digital numbers just above the rearview mirror -- 57 degrees.

"I wonder how the weather in New England is?" I thought. Before I knew it my finger began to dial, punching the digits on my cell phone.

The voice on the other end answered, "Webfodder." That's Ron and Angela's company in Hyannis on Cape Cod. Angela answered the phone -- they are family.

"You sound like you have a cold." I said to Angela.

"No, I just came in from getting the mail -- its less than 20 degrees outside and snowing -- AGAIN!"

Angela handed me off to Ron and we talked for a few minutes. "Hey Ron, did you ride your bike today?" I asked.

"I rode inside -- it's twenty degrees outside and starting to snow. I'm going outside for about an hour and a half a little later, if I can." He responded.

Ron is an avid cyclist. He is moving up the circuit and races with the pros (when he can't get outside he has a contraption he sets his bike in that allows him to continue training indoors).

One of the ways we keep in touch is through this blog.

"Ron and Angela, it hit 60 degrees here today. The sun was bright and only a few clouds hid it from time to time. Tomorrow it is going to be about 65 degrees -- by Monday it will be in the low 70's. I didn't have the heart to tell you.

"Cheer up! Soon, it will be 57 degrees where you are -- around July!"

Ron and Angela were both raised in Florida -- nuff said!


  1. I hope you enjoyed that sunshine for us today. It's forecast to snow again here. I wore a skirt with big obnoxious flowers to church today to protest the winter. I have heard quiet rumors that someone saw crocuses not far from here...

    Laugh it up, preacher man- you'll get your comeuppance in July and August when your tires leave imprints in the molten pavement, while we have 65 degrees and seabreezes. Aaahhh.....

    Hanging tough in Hyannis

  2. You will NEVER hear me complain about the heat! I have am completely climatized! Anything below 75 degrees is unnecessary! Not once have I had to shovel sunshine!